The name Nature Agro Complex, Muriyad has been linked to the coconut oil industry in Irinjalakuda for over 50 years, thought its name was as Asoka Oil Mills previously, owned by Mr. C.M.Moothar. It has seen many traditins, and has a huge customer base spanning entire Kerala and outside. It was the original coconut oil supplier to then famous Chandrika Ayurvedics and to renouwned Ayurvedic medicine company Vaidyarathnam Oushadhasala for a long period to till date.  A combination of experience, know how and expertise is the key to the success of this oil mill. It has built the business on relationships founded by achieving or exceeding the customer expectations.
Coconut (cocos nucifera) is a very versatile and an important commercial palm in the tropics of the world. It is being cultivated since time immemorial as references are available in various literatures including 'Ramayana'. There are various disputes about its origin. According to some reports coconut had been cultivated in many parts of India and the climatic and geographical changes in due course might have caused the confinement of coconut to the coastal tracts in the country. Even though with disputes also everybody is having a unanimous opinion that coconuts in Kerala have more health beneficial chemical parameters than the other regions. Especially in central Kerala there are more oil mills situated compared to the other districts. Hence l would like to say that Irinjalakuda is a place which can produce good quality coconut oil from the ancient days it self with the geographical blessing of nature.
Sampling in process and filtral samples before despatch of all batches. Analytical Testing is done for FFA, IV, Moisture, colour and refractive index and ensure all are very much within the limit as per IS specifications. And every where we are keeping crtical control measures as a result from the hazard analysis. Our shelf life we can defined and can give more than one and a half years with out loosing the aroma, clarity and all analytical periodicity changes.
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